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Birthmother Support

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Post Abortion Counselling

Birthmother Support Group

Adoption is a loving parenting choice. It also involves a grief journey.

Have you made an adoption decision? Are you thinking about making that choice? The Pregnancy Care Centre offers on-going support for the birth family; a safe place to process, grieve, meet others who have “been there”. Groups and individual support offered. Let us help.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Losing a child is devastating; the emotional after-effects are life changing. No matter what the cause, SIDS, miscarriage, or late-term pregnancy loss, there is a deep sense of sadness, helplessness and despair.

The loving volunteers at the Centre understand this emptiness. You may have lived the loss of a child or supported a loved one who suffered such a trauma. If you or someone you love, needs some support, we are here to listen.

Post Abortion Grief Support

If you or someone you know has had an abortion, recently or years ago, they may be facing difficult emotions and challenges. We are a safe place for healing support.

Contact us to find out more if you or someone you care about is experiencing one or more of these symptoms:

• Sadness     

• Guilt

• Compulsion to conceal an abortion

• Low self-esteem

• Depression

• Irritability

• Emotional numbness     

• Shame

• Prolonged grief/frequent crying     

• Anxiety

• Anniversary grief     

• Suicidal thoughts

• Nightmares or flashbacks     

• Self-destructive behaviour

• Alcohol or drug abuse

• Relationship avoidance or struggles with intimacy

• Physical and emotional reaction at the mention of abortion

• Anxiety over fertility and childbearing issues

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We honour Birth Moms.

"We offer on-going support for the birth family; a safe place to process, grieve, and meet others who have been there."

Infant loss is confusing and sad. Sometimes our own family and friends will try to minimize our loss. They may tell us, “You can have another child,” or “You are young,” or “It happened so early in the child's development.” This doesn't help, even if they are just trying to help us through our pain.

We'd love to talk. Call us.

Some react to abortion with relief while others may experience negative emotions. Some feelings display immediately, others may occur years later. Some behaviours may not appear to be associated with the abortion at all. Recent research demonstrates that abortion can be responsible for longterm emotional disturbances, referred to as Post Abortion Stress.

Women who seek Post Abortion Recovery support wish to resolve feelings of guilt, anxiety and depression. They may have secondary symptoms such as addictions, eating disorders, self harm, anniversary syndrome, inability to feel forgiven by God, preoccupation with becoming pregnant again and interruption of bonding with own children.

If abortion is still on your mind and heart, no matter how long ago it happened, we would like to help you heal and move on to a happier future. Our trained and experienced post-abortion peer counsellors can help you. Our Post-Abortion Recovery program can help you move from pain and loss to closure of your abortion experience. Since abortion trauma can affect entire families, our support service makes it possible to have hope for the future of your whole family.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a trained post-abortion support worker. All calls and counselling are free and confidential. Our Post-Abortion Recovery Program is an eight week individual program.