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Many young moms and dads who seek assistance at the Pregnancy Care Centre of Kamloops have lacked basic role models in their early developmental years, and would greatly benefit from a mentorship program in order to assimilate necessary life skills and proper communication methods. We offer Teen Mothers (Women/female/girls) and Empowering Dads for YOU (Men/male/guys) mentorship programs. We are presently interviewing ‘active senior mentors’ to share their life experiences and volunteer to partner with our clients – helping them to develop stronger families. Dynamic interpersonal sessions will be providing meaningful volunteer work for the growing 55+ population and support for at-risk youth. We aim to change the cycle of youth pregnancy and young parenthood. Since the Pregnancy Care Centre of Kamloops opened, it has provided aid to hundreds of clients. A pattern of risky behaviour results in history repeating itself. Those from a challenged background of abuse, poor judgement and low esteem need models to follow. Who better than a trained mentor who can share a life time of experiences with young people just beginning the complicated obligations of parenting and family life!. The Pregnancy Care Centre began in 2007 when a small group of local residents realized a lack of services and supports for women who are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy in the Kamloops area. Since that time, we have evolved into a vibrant Centre with services offered five days a week. A Board of Directors governs the Centre, an Executive Director and a Client Services Coordinator direct the day-to-day operations. Our faith-based society has gained respect within Kamloops’ health care, school counsellors, social services and other helping agencies that work with all who struggle with one of the toughest decisions of their lives. Much of the population we work with are young women between the ages of 14 to 25. Many of these women are isolated and scared, without resources and strong family support. The Centre offers five days a week of peer-driven programming and counseling by trained volunteers. All services are free of charged, paid for by donations from individual supporters. We have volunteers who meet with the client offering unconditional support in a safe non-judgmental environment and additional volunteers who answer our 24/7 crisis line ensuring a caring volunteer will help to give the client immediate support and encourage them to come to the Centre for help. The Centre works collaboratively with other professional services in town. The success of this approach is reflected in referrals to and from the Centre with other agencies who can meet a specific need for the client. Some of the agencies we work with are: Babies Head Start, ASK Wellness Centre, Interior Health / Mental Health, White Buffalo Aboriginal Health, Salvation Army Family Services, Mothers for Recovery, Kamloops Food Bank and Friendship Centre. All parents want to do what is best for their child. Through a mentoring program, young parents who may be starting from a deficit situation, will have the gift of the wisdom of their elders. Other programs offered by the Kamloops Pregnancy Care Centre Society are: pregnancy tests, options information regarding parenting, adoption or termination, prenatal classes, birthmother support, pregnancy or infant loss counselling, post-abortion grief counselling addressing depression, guilt, healing and forgiveness, ongoing material help, community referals, and a Sex, Dating and Relating in local schools. Clients will find unconditional love, care, friendship and help at the centre.

"You deserve the chance to check out all the options that are available, and all the details involved in those options."


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We are able to help you.

You're not alone. We have talked to hundreds of girls facing a crisis pregnancy. We are established and can offer all kinds of support.

We will give you all the information you will need. It is you who will end up having to live with the consequences of your decisions. Therefore, you deserve the chance to check out all the options that are available, and all the details involved in those options. An appointment to see us will take little time that may change your life forever.

We are completely confidential.We are able to help you anonymously. It is important for you to have privacy while you’re sorting things out. You don’t have to tell anyone that you are coming to our centre, and we would never tell your family or friends without your permission. Who you tell and when you tell them is your decision, and we respect that. You definitely need people around you who will support you, and people who will challenge you to be the best person you can. Sometimes those people can be family or friends, and sometimes even they don’t get it. But the who and when is always up to you.

Our biggest concern is that you are safe and being loved.

How much will it cost? Nothing. Ever. We love doing this work because we love people. Many of us have ‘been there ourselves’ and understand just how hard things can get.

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